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Founded in 1938 by the late Tim Rocks, Art Sign Co., was passed to his son, Larry Rocks, in 1990.

Larry and wife, Margaret Rocks, are the owners of Art Sign Company, and we are here to help with your sign needs. Are we a "good fit"? We either will be or we can refer you to the appropriate sign company. Though we make signs for some large companies, we mostly make signs for private individuals and for small businesses. In 2009 we relocated our business from Irondale to Old Springville Road in Birmingham, Al.

After decades of working in the sign industry as a second generation sign painter including college days as an art major, Larry is well versed in solving your different sign issues. Along the way, there have been several national awards achieved for sign design.

After we raised our two sons, Margaret joined the company when sign making changed from the painted format to computerized sign making. After literature studies at the University of Illinois, Margaret never imagined she would be making signs several decades later.

Finally, Art Sign Co. occupies a special niche in the industry—put simply, due to certain factors of technology and scale, we have exceptionally fast turnaround time for basic signs. For further details, please see the Our Niche page.

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